Sunday, March 21, 2010

Language Learners on Google Code

Today, I finished tidying up the Language Learners project website on Google Code. You can now find a description of the project, one wiki page for the project, and the project's current status on there.

You may notice three other developers who are also working on this project. For now, this project is part of a class that I am taking with Dr. Scott Robertson called Human Computer Interaction (ICS 664). These people are only involved in the planning and design of the system. I will take care of the rest, such as development, documentation, and testing, because this project will become my master's capstone project once the semester is over. (Two of the developers are undergraduate students, and one is a graduate student; the latter will be doing something else for her capstone project.)

This week is Spring Break at UH Manoa, so I'm hoping to get as much done as I can. Right now, things are looking good because I already finished two of the three things that I mentioned in the previous post. :)


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