Friday, March 19, 2010

Language Learners: Main Page

I just finished mocking up the main page for the Language Learners system. Here is the screenshot (click to enlarge):

I like the layout of the main page. Unfortunately, all of the other pages I've been mocking up do not have this design; they need to be redone. I will post mockups of those pages once they are finished.

Spring Break is next week. My plan is to finish mocking up the pages that do not have the same layout as the main page. I also need to create several more mockups of new pages, e.g. one for editing a user's profile and another for allowing a user to upload content to the system (like audio and video files).

Regarding video files, my plan is to host them on YouTube and just embed them within the system, like how I do it on my other blog. As for audio files, I may just have to store them on the server on which the system resides.

The main page is more or less done, but if you have any feedback with regards to how it looks, what I should add to or remove from it, etc., please let me know. Again, this system will be used to help students learn a new language (including those who are already learning it and just need another way to help them learn the material), which is the reason why I am including content such as on-screen flash cards, and audio and video files. There will also be a forum so that students can exchange ideas with each other. If things work out well, I may also include an instant messaging feature similar to MSN Messenger and AIM.

Hopefully, this system isn't too big for an M.S. project, but it will be a good test to see if I can create a successful, database-driven, dynamic social networking web application... by myself. :)

  1. Finish creating mockups. [COMPLETED March 24, 2010]
  2. Redo layout of existing pages. [COMPLETED March 20, 2010]
  3. Finish the User Guide for the Ekolugical Carbonometer system (which was left unfinished from the Fall 2009 semester). :) [COMPLETED March 19, 2010]

--BJ Peter DeLaCruz

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  1. A great idea - I look forward to seeing it completed.I would suggest you have a graphic designer look at it - personally I think it needs a little color.
    Will users who make their own flash cards be invited to submit them to your library of 200?